Have you ever seen someone make magic happen?

That’s almost what it’s like watching a potter “throw” a gorgeous vessel on the pottery wheel for the first time, or even the millionth time to be honest. (How many of us have been mesmerized by those pottery loop-videos? Raise of hands please… )

Here’s how it goes for me:

*Hits play on pottery video

Thinks: “Woa that was cool…

How’d that happen so fast…?

Wait a second, that was just a lump of clay 3.5 milliseconds ago…

Now it’s a… whaaaaaa.


What you don’t see:

  • the hundreds, even thousands of hours that laid the foundation for that moment.
  • the millions of mistakes, the failures that far outweighed the successes in the beginning.
  • the dozens of smashed lumps of uneven vases that slumped off the wheel
  • the learning curve, the journey of realizing what to change, what to avoid, & what to drastically improve upon.
  • making those mistakes again.

And again. And again.
Then… it clicks! You have that one magic moment that makes it. All. Worth. It.

Haven’t we all been that person before?  

Waiting it out, begging for that magic moment to come?

And the most magical moment for us?

Wait for it…

It’s when someone else sees the magic.

SO PLEASE explore our wizardry and let us know where you catch a glimpse of the enchantment.  

If it’s watching a video of a lump of clay being formed into something beautiful…

the incredible glazes that somehow never turn out exactly the same…

or that blessed moment when you hold in your own hands a sleek Lotus Jewelry Holder…

or slide your thumb into a signature carved NAMAS Thumb Mug with your favorite drink inside waiting to be sipped up…

or smell that homespun aroma of fresh baked bread coming from your Artisan Bread Baker…

Now that’s magic.

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